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Your production from A to Z

Our concept is to provide you with a wide range of services that leads from the artistical creation to the distribution of your work.
A production process breaks up into 4 stages and each stage is approached with same professionalism, without weak link in the chain.

1 - Artistical creation



Professionnal Musicians

This is, above all, the artist’s job. However, at this stage,we can already intervene by offering you an orchestration, arrangements and a professional team of musicians close to your musical style.

You can listen to our productions on the "Music" page.

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3 - Duplication

Copyrights - Royalties

Sadem - Sdrm

Files assembling


If you would like to create a CD, a vinyl, a DVD or broadcast your creations on the web or any other media, you must file your copyrights and ask for an authorization at the Sacem-SDRM or to the copyright corporation available in your country.
Then comes the manufacturing itself. Sunmusic doesn’t contract nor subcontract directly the duplication. We do not have any commission nor percentage and you are free to choose the person you would like to work with.
However, we do have privileged partners that we will be happy to

present you (links)
Putting together a duplication-sacem-file can seem rather complicated and represents a large amount of work. Therefore, we offer you to take over for you your duplication file and your sacem-sdrm formalities. 
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2 - Making of product




This is where we play the most important part.
We choose, all along the process, to mix analog and digital technologies. It is the best of both worlds in order to get the best results. The making takes place in three steps:

1- Multi-tracks recording:

  • Sound recording in an acoustic environment (voices, percussions  strings, brass, winds..)

  • computer music, programming, arrangements.


This step consists in putting together and balancing the recorded tracks separatly to create a pre master stereo, 2 tracks L- R or surround 5.1
   It is the most mystical phase of the chain since the control of technology must be perfect in order to able the  mixer to express his artistic touch.


During this step, the pre-master is reworked, especially the dynamic, the equalizations and the compression, in order to obtain the final master stereo L- R  or surround 5.1
We recommend you listen to some of our productions on our
«music» page.

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4 - Commercialisation

This is where you will need to forget that you are a future VIP icon for a minute  and become a sales representative.
You are entering the showbusiness and «small bird» is going to have to fly on his own.
However, at this level, we can provide our modest but valuable help by explaining the strategies to be followed and the role everyone plays in this tricky environment: labels, majors, producers, editors, managers,  distributors, etc...